Bee removal/extraction using a high lift 45′ high

Today, we performed a bee removal/extraction from a church.  Someone from the church contacted us because the bees became a nuisance and the church members were afraid that someone would get stung. This bee removal/extraction required using a high lift 45 feet up to reach the top of the church structure where the bees gained access within the wall.  The bee removal/extraction went very well!

The bees actually swarmed out of this hive about three weeks ago. We estimated how long ago the queen bee left with the hive by assessing the age of the brood and the amount of bees found.

In the hive, we found an abundant amount of dark comb packed with pollen, nectar and honey.  This led us to believe that the bees lived in this hive for over six months. The hive contained honey, very few bees, and no brood or queen. However, we found an infestation of hive beetles in the brood comb. This seemed odd because of the height the located hive, but it seems that hive beetles will climb up 45 feet to find food and lay their larvae.

We removed the 42# of honey, brood comb, and cleaned the area of the hive.  This prevents unwanted pests, rodents, and foul odors.  Following the cleanup, we replaced and sealed the wall structure to prevent future bee infestation.  Finally, we painted the wall for the customer. This is just one of our bee removal and extractions, but this is special because it was 45 feet in the air.

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Thank you, Chief Beekeeper Todd



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