Raw natural bottled honey

We offer only the best raw natural honey.  The honey is harvested from hives in our apiaries.  What is blooming when the bees make honey determines the flavor. We have clover and wildflower, sabal and palmetto palm, and gallberry and Brazilian pepper available to our bees to create different flavors of honey.  Clover and wildflower create a sweet mild flavored honey, palm honey is lighter on color and thinner, and gallberry and Brazilian pepper is thicker and stronger in flavor.  All plants and trees bloom at different times of the year making availability seasonal.

Raw natural comb honey

We also offer honey in the comb.  We have a unique system for making comb honey that allows us to harvest this type of honey in the comb without ever being touched by human hands.  Most beekeepers handle the comb honey by cutting out of a frame of honey and place it into a tub or jar for sale.  However, our bees make the comb honey in the same container that we sell it in.  That container is removed directly from the hive and sealed with a lid.  The comb honey is never touched by anyone or anything other than the bees that make it!