Bee Removal and Extraction

Live bee extraction and removal

Snyder’s Hives and Honey specializes in bee removal and extraction services.  Our professional beekeepers will come to your property, assess the hive, and provide you with a complete plan of how we will remove or extract the swarm of bees from your property.

Why do bees swarm?

When bees swarm it is a natural occurrence.  Bees will swarm for several different reasons, such as their current hive location is too small, there is a lack of food (nectar and pollen), or a queen bee is forced out of the hive for lack of production.  When bees swarm they are looking for a new home. This may be in your soffit, a hole in your tree, or within the siding of your home or building.

Why should you have the honeybees removed?

When you see bees entering an opening of a building or structure, you only see a small part of the colony.  A colony of bees can have 15,000 or more bees within the structure making honeycomb.  When bees build the honeycomb in their new home they do so in a matter of a few days to serve two functions.  One is to store their honey, which is their food, and the second is for the queen to lay eggs so the colony can continue to grow. Not only do the bees need to be removed but the honeycomb and residual pheromones, or scent, require removal as well.  This must be done to prevent another swarm from occurring in that location. If the bees are removed but any part of the honeycomb or scent remains, then the honeycomb can rot causing staining and an unpleasant smell, which will attract unwanted insects and rodents.

Why should you call us?

We specialize in removal of the entire hive, including bees, honeycomb, and treating the area to remove undetected scents.  Areas that we commonly remove bees from are trees, soffits, walls, attics, sheds, dog houses, under decks, boats, anywhere that bees can find a location to call home.  As a beekeeper specializing in bee removal, we will come to your home or business and remove the bees and relocate them.

Why YOU shouldn’t attempt to remove the bees!

Honeybees will protect their hive and brood if disturbed.  Live honeybee removal is our goal; however, certain factors determine whether a swarm or colony can be removed without harming the bees. If they are Africanized (cross breeding between African and European bees), then the bees will need to be exterminated.  An experienced beekeeper can identify these types of bees by their actions. (see our page About Bees)

It is very important to know how to remove and handle the bees so that it reduces the risk of injury to anyone.  Removal attempted by someone who is not trained or licensed may result in bee stings and allergic reactions. Never attempt to remove or eradicate nuisance bees or a colony yourself.  It can be dangerous and, if not done properly, is a violation of state or federal pesticide laws.  We will come to your home or business and give you a plan of how we will remove the colony of bees before we do anything.  Most importantly, do not spray the bees with anything! This will only make them more aggressive, which reduces the chance of live bee relocation. It is important to contact us to remove your bees from your property.

Our mission is to save the bees by capturing them alive, relocating them, and provide them with a home so that they may continue to pollinate local crops and produce honey.