Bee Removal from a camper

Today we did A bee removal from a camper. This customer contacted us to remove the bees from his camper, the interesting part is that there son was home visiting for a week and wanted to stay in the camper in the back yard. The bees had been swarming on the outside of the camper for the week prior to him visiting. The customer was being cautious and not going on the side of the camper that the bees had were entering on.

The customer contacted just after there son left from his visit to come and have the bees removed from the camper. When we arrived to do the bee removal we put a endoscopic camera in the opening of the bottom of the camper and was able to find the hive up in the wall.

After the location was found we went into the camper and was able to locate the bees. We began the bee removal by vacuuming up the bees and removing the honey comb. this bee removal from the camper was successful as we found the queen honeybee as was able to cage her.

Once we had completed the bee removal process  we relocated this colony of bees to our apiary to continue to thrive and pollinate local crops.

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