Bee removal from a gazebo

Today we completed a bee removal from a step of a gazebo. The bees swarmed outside on the step creating a nuisance for the property owner.  We removed the bees that were on the step of the gazebo with a bee vacuum.  We then removed the top step to expose the hive and vacuumed up the rest of the bees.

After the removal of the bees we then carefully cut out the comb.  During the bee removal process we looked for the queen bee but could not find her.  We also checked the honeycomb for eggs and larvae for signs of a laying queen.  We found larvae, capped brood, and honey but no eggs.  Since we did not find the queen or eggs this colony of bees may need a new queen.

After we carefully vacuumed the bees into a bee vacuum we then transferred the bees into a new hive box.  This hive box contains the honeycomb that was cut out from the gazebo step, which will attract the bees to their new home.  The bees will then tend to their own brood in the new hive box.

This was all done on site because the property owner wanted to keep the bees and become a new beekeeper.  We will mentor the property owner through this process so they can be successful.  We always want to do what is best for the bees so we will help anyone who has interest in keeping bees.

Another bee removal by Snyder’s Hives and Honey was a great success!  This bee removal was easy because the bees were very calm and close to the ground.  Compared to last week’s bee removal that was 45 feet in the air this bee removal was a breeze.

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