5-frame nucleus (NUCs)

What is a NUC?  A NUC is a colony of bees that have been established in a hive with a laying queen bee.  We sell NUCs to other beekeepers or if you are interested in becoming a beekeeper.  The hive consists of 5 frames, one frame of honey for the bees to eat, one frame of pollen to feed the larvae as they grow in the comb, and three frames of brood, or eggs, with a mated laying queen.  Selection of NUCs is based on hives that demonstrate calmness and productivity.  A marked queen bee is selected based on laying patterns that create strong hives and excellent honey producers when pollen and nectar are available.

What breed of queen bee will I receive?  The queen placed in the NUC is considered a high egg producer from our queen stock of Italian, Carniolan, Buckfast, and Russian breeds.  (see About Bees)

Why should I buy a NUC?  If you are a new beekeeper or want to become a beekeeper this is the best way to get started.  For new beekeepers, we also can provide you with wooden hives and mentoring to help you get started in beekeeping.

How can I receive a NUC?  NUCs can be picked up at our apiary or delivered locally for a fee but cannot be shipped.

Queen bees for sale


The queen is the “life of the hive” because she is the only bee that can lay fertile eggs to produce more brood or worker bees.

What is special about our queen bees? Our queens are bred to produce calm, strong hives, and are excellent honey producers.  Snyder’s Hives and Honey is a State Certified Queen Breeder in the state of Florida. Our queen stock consists of Italian, and Carniolan breeds.  (see About Bees)- provide link

How do I know how old the queen is when I receive her?  The average life expectancy of a queen is 2-3 years.   We Sell Young mated queens. Our queen bees are marked with the international color code for birth year so that the beekeeper can identify the age of the queen.  In addition, this aids the beekeeper to identify her faster during hive inspections.

How is the queen bee sent to me?  Our queens can be shipped through the US Postal Service. Or you can pick them up locally from our apiary.  We guarantee live arrival or replacement.  Our Queen bees are shipped with accompanying nurse bees to tend to the queen.