honeybee removal/trap out

Honeybee removal / trap out from a pine tree in one of our county parks. Today we trapped out this colony of honeybees so they can not get back into the tree. This was done by making a cone from some #8 hardware cloth and attaching it over the entrance to the hive in the tree.

The county parks and recreation dept. did not want to cut into the tree so we had to trap out the honeybees so that they can not get back into the tree. Unfortunately in this honeybee removal we can not retrieve the queen honeybee. This processes blocks the honeybees from getting back into the tree but allows them to exit the tree.

We placed a box next to the entrance to the tree with some frames of brood with some eggs and young larvae that we took from another hive from our apiary.  We also put some Lemongrass oil in the hive box placed by the tree and some on the entrance to the box as well. The brood and the lemongrass oil should help attract the honeybees to transfer into the box.

We will return to the park tomorrow morning and see how the bee removal/trap out of the Honeybees has progressed. This process can take several days for the honeybees to transfer into the box. This process helps save the honeybees so we can relocate them to a place that is safe for the public and for the bees to continue to pollinate the local crops and to continue to thrive as a colony of honeybees.

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